Navajo dolls and mini basket ornaments by Charity Rosales


Hello, my name is Charity Rosales, a member of the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona. I'd like to share the story behind my dolls.

When I was a little girl, my family had a wagon, pulled by two horses to go to the trading post a Chinle, Arizona.

At the trading post, I would see ladies dressed in their native attire which I so admired because they looked so elegant.

They wore jewelry, silver belts, satin skirts and velveteen blouses adorned with silver buttons. Men as well, wore velveteen shirts, wide conch bless and moccasins or leather boots and head bands or cowboy hats.

Women and/or men wore long hair.It was not customer to cut the hair but to wear it in a traditional bun. Same attire were also worn during healing ceremonies or rodeos, etc..

My dolls and baskets are humble as they represent our culture and traditions while we move forward in the ever changing, full speed ahead world. I wanted to share this with you and I hope you enjoy the ornaments at Christmas time.

Charity Rosales


All proceeds go to the artist.

Baskets are about 3" diameter

Dolls are 6" tall