Merijam Roelofs is the creative vision and voice behind Folk Project. Her passion initially ignited with the love of huipiles and the stories behind each one with the women who weaved them. Folk Project was created out of a desire to share their beauty and to awaken emotions that resonate in the contemporary design world, weaving together stories of artistry from two different worlds- the traditional and the modern. The unique one of a kind handmade furnishings and décor seamlessly embody the legacy of Mayan and Andes hand crafted culture. Each coveted piece is designed to awaken emotions that resonate in the contemporary world. While the majority of our curated collection includes locally made pieces, our passions do lead us to travel. It is with our love of creating sustainable and solid relationships with select artisans in Central America, we are continually inspired and appreciate continually collaborating on new projects. And of course, a few special treasures found along the way to bring back to share with you! Our hope is to evolve together. It is with this intention our company’s focus is be fair to all contributors involved in Folk Project, hold each one in the highest regard and by giving back to different causes. We believe sharing is rising.


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