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Some symbols meanings

While some patterns are purely esthetic or directly copied from a cross stitch pattern book, some particular patterns have special meanings in Maya culture. Symbols vary in form, shape and can have different meanings in different places.

The Tree of Life

The tree of life in San Juan Sacatepequez: "two people, one life". This symbol represents the life of man: birth, growth, reproduction, and death. But also the union of 2 people that become one in the form of a branched tree. The fruits that the tree bears are the children.

The Butterfly

In tactic principle, the Butterfly represents the freedom of creativity of the weaver before the weaving process begins. It also symbolizes freedom and free will in life in deciding which path we want to take.

The Serpent

The Serpent, in San Martin, Chimaltenango, the Serpent represents the protector of human beings. It serves as a guide on the path of life. The Serpent is also associated with weaving, the rain, and fertility. It is a well-diffused pattern in Mayan weavings.

The Chompipe

The Chompipe or turkey, in San Juan Sacatequepez represents the offering of the parents of the groom to his bride.

The Lion

In Nahuala, the Lion of wealth is a symbol of strength, power, and prosperity. He is also associated with good luck.

The Quetzal

It is the national bird of Guatemala. The quetzal is viewed as a symbol of goodness and light and can be seen in many traditional designs.


Flowers represent fertility or new life.

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