Folk Project collective

By weaving together stories of artistry from different worlds, we are aiming to create meaningful interior design pieces, made to sustain beyond the trends. The majority of our pieces are made out of upcycled garments worn by Maya women. Traditionally, people in Guatemala sell their used clothes at markets, to be either reworn or transformed in bags, coin purses, table runners. We love the idea that a textile can have multiple lives, that it can carry multiple stories... 
We like that old textiles on a chair get a chance of rebirth, to be part of a new cycle of life.




A virtuous circle

Folk Project aims at creating with intention and care. 

    Folk Project has created fair and healthy relationships with their partner  artisans over the years. Prices are set by the artisans, as they are independent from us and have their own work structures ( cooperatives, family businesses, collectives etc...) and Folk Project is committed to pay the price they ask and always in full.

    We like to give back part of our proceeds to organizations or mutual aid groups that we believe in, because we think sharing is vital.

    We recently started to invest part of our proceeds of certain pieces in the artisans work infrastructure. Meaning we buy supplies for them, like yarn, embroidery material... 

    Folk Project is also committed to set fair retail margins where both artisans, designers and customers are considered . 

    Folk Project ships in eco-friendly packaging using compostable mailers or cardboard boxes.

    Wishing that our poetic design will awake curiosity, Folk Project has been keen to promote Central American traditions and to celebrate its folk culture. We hope to continue this beautiful endeavor with artisans and its public.


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