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Looking for a high-end one of a kind chair? Folk Project brings an elegant and subtle presence of artistry in your interiors with its colourful sofas, chairs, mobile, and accessories. You can choose from a selection of handwoven fabrics and handcrafted frames or from timeless classics, and together we will work on creating the piece that works for you.





    • How it works? You choose a frame from our designs. (or if you are a San Diego or LA local we can reupholster your piece)

    • You choose fabrics, a color scheme

    • We find the dream textile combination

    • We are offering different combinations as preview and organize chaos for you

    • Our job is helping you to define your style based on your taste and story

    • Together we will find the magic combinations

    • Folk Project makes your chair

    • 4-6 weeks later, we deliver your chair



    Made to Order

    Looking for a custom chair or piece of furniture? 

    We can create a special piece for your home by choosing from a selection of handwoven fabrics and handcrafted chair frames.

    1-Choosing a frame

    Choose a frame from our designs below.

    If you are local in San Diego or Los Angeles, we can reupholster a chair or sofa you already own.

    2. Choosing colors and fabrics

    We will select fabrics in the colors requested(depending on availability) from huipiles, frazadas and other textiles we collect for you to choose from...

    3. Textile combination options

    We will put together different combinations possible with the chosen textiles. It’s about finding the perfect alchemy!

    4. You let us do the magic

    Once the design is approved production start.

    The whole process takes about 4-8 weeks.

    5. Get ready!

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